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A Topsy Turvy Day at Marydale Farm available onmine via & £3.99

Join George & his friends at Marydale Farm

As the sun rises over Marydale Farm, something strange has happened to the animals. Come join George and his friends on their topsy turvy adventure. 

The adventure continues.

Marydale Farm is the second book in the Marydale Farm animal series. This much awaited book from author Andrea L Benson is filled with animals and silliness. As with the first book, there is an interactive element providing a colouring in section with an introduction to all of the animals on Marydale Farm.

Marydale Farm is aimed at children aged 2-5.  


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Audio links


Marydale Farm audio story

A silly and funny rhyming story where all of the Farm animals on Marydale Farm find themselves all in a muddle, for one day.

The Princess & the Shoemaker audio story

A tale of friendship with a happy ever after as with all good fairytale stories.

Harry Hopper the selfish Frog audio story

Join Harry Hopper on his journey of self-discovery where he learns the true value of friendship.

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Where Has My Meow Gone, available in both paperback & ebook

A gorgeous interactive hyming story starring George and his friends. George has lost his meow, can you help him find them among the illustrations?



Meet the charachters

George & Marty have been joined by their farm friends. Are you ready to meet them? 

Lenny, the fruit pie loving pig, spends his days eating pies and doing the backstroke in the farms muddy pond.

Linford, the sleepy and forgetful rooster, who naps all day due to his early morning alarm.

Marve, who is an incredibly lazy cow.

Bumbles-zz, the resident farm bee who is more likely to be stuck to something by his honey than harvesting it. 

Henrietta, the farms fussy and clucky mother hen.

Cluck, Chicken, & Flower. A triplet trio of tinkers and inventors.

Henry Horatio Esq, a retired racehorse who is full of his own self-importance and snobbery. 

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George & Marty

Introducing George & Marty

George & Marty have proven to be a big hit with both children and adults. Watch this space for updates on their adventures.